Anna Toresdotter Art Academy

Anna Toresdotter from Stockholm, Sweden, is a professional fine artist and founder of Annas Toresdotter Art Academy, giving popular online courses on specific themes like Learn to Paint Light, The World of Colour and Mastering the Art of Composition.

Anna Toresdotter is renowned for her unique ability to capture light in her paintings, bringing an ethereal quality to her work. Her artistic versatility is evident in her exhibitions, where she explores significant contemporary themes centred around human existence and our environment. Her exceptional talent was recognised early on, leading to television programs featuring her art and invitations to exhibit at prestigious museums in Minneapolis, Chicago and Tokyo, among other locations.

Anna Toresdotter has also undertaken numerous commissions for municipalities, regional authorities, and the Swedish Public Art Agency (Statens Konstråd). Her contributions to the art world are further documented in several books published by both her own and other publishers.

Today, she continues to inspire new artists through her popular online painting courses, sharing her expertise and passion for art with a global audience. This year, she launched the popular course ‘Learn to Paint Light’ in English. In 2025, ‘The World of Colour’ and ‘Mastering the Art of Composition’ will also be translated.

“Absolutely the best course I have ever taken! The course gave me so much knowledge and many aha moments, filled many gaps, and inspired my painting.” – Annika.

Enhance Your Painting with Light

Many viewers are most moved by the light in a picture. Without it, images can seem dull and lacking depth. Many find it difficult to master, but in this course, I will guide you through each step so that you can bring a new dimension to your paintings by the end.

How It Works

Everything is pre-recorded, and you can watch from any device without any scheduled times to adhere to. You can repeat the lessons as much as you like during the five months you can access them. On a closed page, you can share your exercises with others and be inspired by a supportive community.

Former Students

“What you do, Anna, is fantastic! So professional, educational, personal…wonderful! I haven’t painted in a long time and have found joy in it again!” – Carin.

“I’m sitting here with wide eyes and an open mouth in amazement at everything conveyed in this painting course; it feels like a world has opened up.” – Kerstin

Price: 375 £

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Questions and Answers

Do you need any prior knowledge?

No, these skills are valuable for those who want to start painting and those with more experience who want to boost their images.


Do you get feedback?

You won’t receive personal feedback on your exercises, but you can ask questions throughout the course. Everyone who takes or has taken my courses can be a part of an inspiring community where they can share their images.


When does the course start?

You get access to the course as soon as you buy it and then have access to it for five months. So, you don’t need to wait for a course start date; you can join whenever convenient.


How is the course structured?

Each lesson consists of videos and texts, with demonstrations and exercises where I guide you step by step. You do everything at your own pace when you have time, and you have access to the course for five months from the day you buy it. After that, it can be prolonged for another five months for 75 £.


How many lessons are included?

The course consists of five lessons, each with many demonstrations and exercises. A new lesson is released on the course page every two weeks.


Can you paint in watercolour, acrylic or oil colour?

The principles I teach in this course apply to all forms of artistic image creation, and you can do the exercises using any technique you want. I will do demonstrations in various methods.


Can you cancel?

You always have a 14-day right of withdrawal for online purchases. If, after this period, due to circumstances beyond your control, such as illness, you need to discontinue the painting course, you only need to pay for the lessons that have been released, plus an administrative fee of 20% of the total course cost.


Can you extend it?

Four additional months of access to the lessons cost 70 pounds and can be booked when the course is finished. It is also possible to extend the extension.


Former Students

“Anna is an amazing teacher who teaches simply and understandably. I got a real boost when I realised that I could achieve something! I want to take more painting courses with her!” – Randi.

“I could probably write a whole novel about how you have brought my budding brushstrokes to something alive and thoughtful. You easily convey the course’s various steps; the exercises are enticing, interesting, and educational. Even a beginner like me has many ‘AHA’ moments, which is the best thing to gain and absorb from taking a course with you, Anna!” – Rita.

“Fantastic course content. It is very ambitious and educational. I have learned a lot and see how flat some of my old pictures are.” – Jon.


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